Our goal

Keeping your data secure is our priority! We make sure it stays safe and available for you anytime, anywhere!


PCRx Backup is quite small and requires very little space to work effectively. It installs within minutes and backs up your data automatically!


PCRx Backup is 100% secure and we guarantee the safety of your data! Our security experts work non-stop to keep your data private!


We keep PCRx Backup simple and easy to use, so it’s easier for you to make sure your data is kept safe! User-friendly Mac-style interface!


Thanks to PCRx Backup, you can recover your data using any Mac. Just log in to your account and select the data you want to migrate.


You can set up PCRx Backup to back up exactly what you need, such as music, pictures, important documents as well as data from your Facebook profile.

View how to install PCRx Backup for OS X® here.

Install PCRx Backup for Windows® here.